Data Center Curtains for Server Aisle Air Containment Systems

Data Center Curtains for Aisle Containment

FabraCraft data center curtains are an economical way to separate air flow patterns in a data center enclosure. Data center curtains are used to contain and control hot aisle / cold aisle air temperatures necessary to protect valuable servers from overheating. Used as an air flow management system, aisle containment curtains create a customizable enclosure to fit any size space or room configuration. A data center curtain offers flexibility in how they are used, whether as a stationary room enclosure, used with roller track systems to provide greater access for maintenance, or kit packaging solutions for do it yourself small scale data curtain containment.

Data center curtains are used for data center air flow management and cold air / hot air containment for server aisles. Typically an enclosure is built around server racks using curtain panels, curtain corners and strip curtains for entryways. The data center curtain is mounted to the ceiling and hangs to touch the top of the server racks. Additional wall curtains fill empty spaces between the racks and strip curtains are placed on one or both ends of the enclosure to create an entryway. Additional air barriers are available to contain air flow between the racks and under the racks. An effective data center enclosure uses a variety of containment barriers to manage air flow patterns and control the temperature within the server aisles.

Data center curtains for server room enclosures.

Data Center Curtains used for Data Center Enclosures.


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